I usually don't do politics on this blog, but this makes so NO sense to me that I would like to shake your mind and shape it into a "Oh, wait!". This critique is a bit naive and is probably done without knowing all the ins and the outs, but I tried to make sense of it. I address it to Israel because I think this country can have common sense.

Israel, do you really think Hamas combatants are still on their location when you make a strike on the origin of rockets? When bank robbers use human shields, do you shoot missiles on them telling the world "but they used human shields!" and "therefore they are accountable for the civil human losses"? When you add these, it's like you are bombing a bank with hostages inside and robbers already gone, telling that you had "the right to defend yourself".

What is the effect on your strikes on Gaza? Have they reduced Hamas ability to send rockets on Israel? No. Will it after many more strikes? You said that yourself: "no". I thought the military "iron dome" was specifically designed on this purpose: endure Hamas rockets with few or no casualties; it is currently proving effective, and allows Israel to avoid quasi any human losses. However, instead of simply showing to the world that you are the victim, you fall into the trap of "defending" yourself ineffectively and killing many, many civilians. This way, the Hamas obtains its goal of making Gaza the one victim, and Israel its aggressor.

Gaza Strip NASA Gaza strip, NASA (public domain)