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dimanche 13 septembre 2015

Notes on The World Set Free by H. G. Wells

This book was written in 1913-1914 — that's one CENTURY ago! — even before the two World Wars — but some excerpts are nonetheless either premonitory or still valid nowadays. It predicts the age of atomic bombs and, though in the fiction it works differently in its consequences on the battlefield, it tackles the brand new impact of this strategic weapon as of its deterrence and its proliferation.

Here are some quotes, a list of vocabulary which can has usefulness for non-native English readers, and finally resources for further reading.

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dimanche 17 août 2014

A Complementary Learning Methodology For Foreign Language Vocabulary

It can prove difficult to estimate its own vocabulary capacities in a foreign language. It can also be difficult to find which words are still missing to its own knowledge: there is a need for targeting the words which are the most useful in the foreign language.

One can find frequency analysis of text corpuses (or "corpora" for pedants) online for instance on the Wiktionary project, originating from the Project Guteberg which works on a collection of public domain books. The words are ordered by frequency, and one can browse the list in order to find the first words we don't know — yet. Once discovered, these words can be added to flashcard-type learning softwares — these flashcards could even be provided pre-built so that adding one is easier.

One can then evaluate its own vocabulary level to the number of most-used words known.

Instead of working on a student-class level, this personalized method looks like one of the best complementary method for brute-force vocabulary upgrade. Though for the classroom it can set student level targets.